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Walgreens Haul 1/16-1/22

I was able to score all of these products while couponing at Walgreens this week for less than $3!!

Watch the video

Check out my video where I take you in the store with me and

show you all the best deals this week and how to do them!

Printable List

In the future I will be including a list here with all of the breakdowns typed out as well as link to a printable version on google docs.

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Hey, I'm Alysia!

Thank you for being here! And I hope you'll stay because over here, we love saving money 😉 I've been consistently couponing for almost 3 years now. I originally started because as a stay at home mama to 3, I just needed a dang hobby to get me out of the house 🤣 Plus, you know..

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